Data Entry Specialist

We are hiring a Data Entry Specialist for our new project – TISC. Check out below for the detail.

About our project - TISC

We are a Singapore-based startup for the design & construction industry. Our cloud platform is a product database system that shares between architects, interior designers and brand manufacturers. We help to accelerate the digital transformation of the design & construction eco-system globally.

About the role

The data entry specialist assists with the entry of product information into our database. You will work closely with the TISC manager to understand the format, schedule and requirements. Occasionally, you will directly communicate with the team members of the brand company to review the product information.


  • Learn the data system and understand the product format works
  • Take the existing product information (eg. text, photos) and entry into the correct format
  • Review the data information and make any adjustments as needed (eg. Comments from brand company)
  • Self-manage the progress and ensure the agreed schedule is met

Commitments & Location

  • It could be a part-time or full-time position, depending on individual ability
  • No limitation on the working day or hour, very flexible
  • Any location as long as there is computer access and good Wi-Fi connection
  • Computer equipment can be supplied

Candidate requirements

  • Basic English knowledge for communication
  • Good knowledge of computer applications (eg. Lark, Slack, Zoom, etc. Photoshop knowledge is a plus)
  • Self-motivated and very responsible individual
  • Positive personality and willing to do extra when required

Salary & Benefits

  • Hourly based salary in local currency (note: minimum number of Product Cards per hour are required)
  • Pay at the beginning of each month based on the number of hours submitted at the end of the previous month
  • Contract based position, individual will responsible for their own local income tax filing
  • If an individual demonstrates the commitments throughout the year, an annual bonus is possible

Contact & application

  • If interested, please contact: [email protected]
  • We will have an online interview and start from there.

If you don't see a role,
just feel free to drop us a message!