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June 2021
As Enable Startup turns 5 years old, the old website that we have used since the 1st day of our business has not well reflected who we are today anymore.
We decided it’s time to revamp it, thus revamping our image as a whole!

The challenge

Believe it or not, it’s often easier to fulfill a kinda “extreme” need than an in-between one. For example, a chef would prefer you to order an either rare or well-done steak rather than a medium-rare.
It is even more often the case when it comes to web design. “I need a website that is compelling to the taste of mass audiences BUT STILL looks original and unique” – Yes, you’ve got our point. Here comes one of the most classic tricky briefs that can freak most UX-UI designers out!

Such a challenge, unfortunately, was what our in-house designers and marketers were tasked with in this particular project. More precisely, said our CEO:

We need a new website that embodies us as who we are today and in the next few years: no longer a boutique company but not yet a big big corp!

Let’s see how the team worked it out!


Play with the kawaii Bento 3D design system against neat and simple color block
What we love about Bento 3D elements is the way they look – not just cute but positive, seamless, geek and artistic at the same time.
All at one stop, just like us as a one-stop IT solution provider.
How to use animations
in a low-key yet effective way?
The prioritized goal of our new site is to present the company rather than trying to impress people with overdosed visual effects. There is still some room for naughty minds to leave a mark though…
Bespoke experiences for different user profiles
For future clients and partners
A cohesive and immersive walk-through of our services, experience and expertise
For potential candidates
A warm welcome from the Enable Startup team. A glimpse into our working environment, our culture and vibes.

For anyone that has common interests in tech, startup & the SME universe

A hub where we share knowledge, thoughts, news, insights and more.
For all of us who are on the go most of the time

Responsiveness is a must, of course!

So, welcome to our new online home!
Feel free to let us know what you think. In case you fancy a chat with our design team or have a project for us, hit our mailbox at [email protected] Cheers! 🙌

The next mind-blowing project is yours!