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Decode your talents into real impacts within the right team, high standards and selected projects.

First of all, see if we are like-minded!

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    Integrity & Honesty
Tell yourself the truth and tell the truth to other people.
At Enable Startup, we simply accept no excuses for dishonesty.
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    Being better than we were yesterday
Most of us were not born talents. We strive to become talents though. How? Stay humble, learn relentlessly and get our hands dirty on real projects and tasks!
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We do care about processes and efforts, but results are
what we judge upon at the end of the day.
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    Work-life balance & integration
We say no to OT. We nurture a culture of openness, kindness and oneness. FYI: our office is not only where we work, but also
where we play music, board-games and chill out.

Meet our people


Our recruitment & onboarding process

Step 1
We review your application carefully and give you feedback within 2 weeks in either case.
Step 2
1-2 official interviews with our team, in person or remotely depending on the actual situation.
Step 3
The probation period will be typically 2 months with personalized onboarding trainings and mentoring.

If you don't see a role,
just feel free to drop us a message!