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Work on organization’s digital readiness before DX initiatives

It’s no secret that digital transformation is not just a bandwagon but a new norm for today’s businesses. While organizations are appreciating the significance of DX much more adequately than ever before, it’s very often that they perceive such initiatives mostly about technology while overlooking digital readiness.

digital transformation trends in post pandemic world
Review Digital Transformation trends for SMEs in a post-epidemic context

Within just a few months, the COVID-19 pandemic had been dramatically changing the way companies, from SMEs to conglomerates, leverage technology to do business. Indeed, the crisis has brought about unprecedented challenges, along with new opportunities, most remarkably people’s increased comfort and appreciation towards digital experience. These changes are all in all picking up the […]

digital transformation new norm
Is Digital Transformation a Bandwagon or a New Norm for SMEs?

As such, digital transformation is no longer a luxury for only big corps or tech startups but has become a necessity for today’s businesses of all shapes and sizes.