Post ICO Service


NANJ Corporation



The challenging

Client requires a solution which one offers to user an exceptional user experience in Ethereum Blockchain. User will not pay ETH for transaction gas. They only pay with NANJCOIN. This is such popular in Ethereum where user want to transfer ERC20 token they have to pay a bit ETH for transaction fee. This means that if user doesn’t have any ETH in their wallet, they won’t able to send ERC20 tokens.

The solution

We offered meta transaction solution. With this, user only pays transaction fee by ERC20 token. We developed a SDK and back-end APIs to achieve client’s expectation. Our team was designed and developed smart contracts to make the platform to be trust-less, it also includes advanced security solutions for cyber security attacks prevention. Beside of SDK, we developed NANJ Official Wallet, until now there are thousands of users using it. They are more comfortable when the user experience barrier was removed. Sending without ETH is making major impact to NANJCOIN in both user experience and business model

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